bannersEssential Skills

Essential Skills is the most popular work visa.

It is available to people who have an offer of employment from a New Zealand employer for a skilled occupation. The employer must also fill out a return supporting your application. As part of this process, the employer must prove that there are no New Zealand citizens or residents available to fill the position (called a Labour Market Test).

The Labour Market Test requires that the employer advertise the position for at least 3 weeks to determine that there are no New Zealand citizens or residents who are available to fill the position.  Many employers are resistant to employing migrants because of this requirement, because it involves time and expense.  We help our clients overcome this obstacle by helping the employer by drafting the advertisement and preparing the Immigration New Zealand form for the employer.

A common reason for these types of visas being declined is that the employer has failed to follow proper procedure in the Labour Market Test or has not specified the position correctly in the job advertisement.

The problem for the applicant is that, from then on, they must disclose that they have had a declined visa on any application in New Zealand (and some other countries also).

There is an exception to the Labour Market Test requirement.  If the occupation is listed on an Immigration New Zealand Skills Shortage List and you can produce evidence that you have the necessary qualifications, registration and/or experience for the occupation, then the employer is not required to satisfy a Labour Market Test.