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The Skilled Migrant Visa is based on a points system. Points are allocated for age (younger people get higher points), qualifications, partners qualification’s, an offer of skilled employment and work experience. Bonus points are available if the offer of employment is in a Skilled Shortage List area, outside the Auckland region or the applicant has work experience in a Skilled Shortage List area.

An applicant needs 100 points to be able to apply.

The process has two steps:

  • Filing an Expression of Interest in which the applicant claims the number of points for which they qualify. Expressions of Interest are drawn from a pool fortnightly. Those with 140 points or more are drawn automatically and those with points between 100 and 139 are drawn in descending order until the quota for Skilled Migrant residency applications is filled.

Applications that are drawn then undergo a preliminary assessment. If they pass this stage the applicants are then sent an Invitation to Apply.

  • Filing of an Application for Residency. In this application the applicant must justify the points they have claimed in their Expression of Interest.

It is important that you correctly claim all the points you are entitled to.  If you claim points in your Expression of Interest that you cannot substantiate later on when you file an Application for Residency it could lead to your application being declined.