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The Parent Category visa is intended to enable families to be reunited once an adult child has relocated to New Zealand. There is a two-tier system for Parent Category Visas.

  • Tier One requires the parent to have settlement funds of $500,000 and a lifetime income of $27,682 ($40,688 for a couple). The sponsor (the adult child) must earn $65,000 per annum gross (or $90,000 for a sponsor and his/her partner).
  • Tier Two requires that the sponsor or the sponsor’s partner must earn $33,675 gross and that the Parent have no other children living in the same country as the Parent.

To be a sponsor, an adult child must have been a citizen or resident of New Zealand for at least 3 years.

Applicants file an Expression of Interest and may apply once they have been drawn from the pool of available places for Parent category applications. Tier One applications are drawn first and, if there are any places unallocated, Tier Two is drawn next.