Whether you are migrating or just visiting, traveling to another country can be an intrepid decision.

We pride ourselves in offering a full-service package.  Firstly we will help you to understand everything you need to know about coming to New Zealand.  If you decide to come we will prepare your visa and, upon arrival, provide you with settlement services to help you settle into the Kiwi way of life.

If you’re thinking about coming to New Zealand, please contact us and tell us about you and, if applicable, your family.  Everything you tell us is strictly confidential.  Depending on your circumstances, we may recommend a Skype consultation to enable us to better assess your eligibility for a visa.  Following each consultation we provide our clients with a written assessment including a full budget to help them plan for their arrival.


If you are in New Zealand already on a visa, or your visa has expired, we can help you with your next step.

It is important that, at all times, you maintain a current visa while you are in New Zealand.

Plan ahead!  Often people leave their next visa application to the last minute, which means that they are issued an Interim Visa by Immigration New Zealand while their application is considered.  The problem with this is that, if their application is declined, they have no rights to appeal the decision and you must immediately leave the country.

If your visa has already expired, or you have had a decline decision while you were on an Interim Visa, you may still have an option to request a visa under Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009.  Talk to us about your case and whether or not you are likely to be successful with a request under Section 61.