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Why use a licensed immigration adviser?

In a nutshell, for peace of mind.

Immigration rules and processes are detailed and complex. Often applications fail because an applicant or a related person such as an employer makes a simple mistake that could have been avoided. A declined application can result in unfulfilled dreams, further cost or, worse, liability for deportation.

A licensed immigration adviser:

  • Has been formally recognised by the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) as being competent to provide immigration advice. This means that they have the experience and/or a formal qualification in how to deal with Immigration New Zealand rules and processes;
  • Must keep your immigration affairs confidential;
  • Must act in your best interests; and
  • Represents you, not Immigration New Zealand.

Licensed Immigration Advisers are bound by a Professional Code of Conduct (the Code) which can be found on the IAA website at:

You have a right to complain to a Licensed Immigration Adviser if you believe he or she has breached the Code. If you are not satisfied with their handling of your complaint, you have a further right of complaint to the IAA.

These safeguards are there to protect you and ensure that you get a consistent and high standard of professional advice.

At Visa Feliz we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of professional advice tailored to the circumstances and requirements of each individual client.  Our objective is to take full care of your immigration process and make it as stress-free as possible.