September showed a continuation of the ongoing growth in Skilled Migrant Expressions of Interest (EOIs) drawn.  1,817 EOIs were drawn this month which is lower than August (2,692) because there were only two fortnightly draws in September whereas August had three.

However the trend over time, when comparing this September with September 2015 and 2014, is unmistakable.  Year on Year (YoY) growth for September 2016 over  September 2015 was 25%.  September 2015 was 14% higher than September 2014.

Not surprisingly the trend line for the fortnightly draws also continues it inexorable march upwards – as illustrated by the following graph.







As we have said before, we do not expect this trend to continue much longer.  Immigration is certain to feature as a political issue in New Zealand’s 2017 election year campaign and it would be reasonable to expect the Government to tinker with the Skilled Migrant policy settings so as to be seen to be responding to the electorate.  That said, immigration is one of the key drivers stimulating economic growth in New Zealand so we would be surprised if there were major policy shifts that might result in constraints in the economy that could jeopardise economic growth.

If you are considering whether to apply for residency as a Skilled Migrant we would recommend that you act now.

grandmother-and-grandfather-clipart-grandfatherHowever if you are considering migrating to New Zealand on an Essential Skills Work visa, you may still be protected against future adverse changes in Skilled Migrant policy settings by being in New Zealand on a work visa and, therefore, being ‘grandfathered’ under the old rules (see the Grandfathering section in our article The New Zealand Housing Crisis – what does it mean for migrants to New Zealand?)

If you have any questions about migration to New Zealand, send us an email.  We’re here to help you make the best decision for you and your family regarding your options for migrating to New Zealand.



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