2016.08.09 Skilled Migrant Draws







Every 2 weeks Immigration New Zealand draws Expressions of Interest (EOI) from a pool of applicants.

The Pool

The pool works as follow:

  • Applicants who can claim 100 points or more under the Skilled Migrant immigration rules submit an EOI to apply for residency;
  • EOIs with 140 points or more are automatically drawn from the pool.  Those EOIs are then reviewed by Immigration New Zealand and, if the points claimed are credible, the applicant is issued an Invitation to Apply for residency;
  • EOIs that remain in the pool for 6 months lapse and are withdrawn.

So the goal is to be able to claim 140 points or more.  Points are awarded for age (younger applicants get more points), an offer of employment, work experience, qualifications and having close family members in New Zealand.  Bonus points are available if the applicant has work experience and/or qualifications in an area of absolute skills shortage or an area of identified future growth for the New Zealand economy.  30 bonus points are also available for a job offer outside the Auckland Council.

If you cannot claim 140 points, how close do you need to be to still have your EOI drawn?

The graph shows the percentage of EOI’s that have been drawn in recent draws as being on average just under 20%.  Immigration New Zealand do not publish the average or minimum points for EOI’s under 140, so it is not possible to assess how close to 140 points you need to be to be drawn.  If applications between 100 points and 140 points were evenly distributed, that would suggest that you needed over 132 points to be successful.  However they probably tend to concentrate in the upper end of the 100 – 140 point range so you probably need greater than 135 points to make lodging an EOI worthwhile.


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