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“He who represents himself has a fool for a client”
Abraham Lincoln

Most visas can be applied for online on the Immigration New Zealand website. A logical question for an applicant is: why use an Immigration Adviser when I can do the application online myself?

Immigration is an extremely complex process. There are 574 pages of detailed Immigration Instructions for Visitor, Work and Student Visas alone. Failure to understand how these provisions determine how your application will be assessed by Immigration New Zealand can lead to a decision to decline your visa. Attention to detail is also critical.

Making a simple error on an online form can also result in your visa being declined.

Immigration Advisers are licensed by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (the IAA). The IAA has set standards of competency that licensed immigration advisers must meet. More recently, advisers have been required to pass a course of fulltime study on immigration law and regulations.

Of course if your visa is declined and you are either lawfully in New Zealand or overseas you can reapply. However you will need to disclose on every New Zealand visa application you make afterwards that you had a visa declined.

A declined visa is a permanent red flag on your immigration record.

Visa application forms contain a question asking you to disclose if you have had a visa declined. Many other countries ask the same question, so you may find yourself ticking the ‘YES’ box for applications to other countries too.

Using the services of an immigration adviser does not eliminate the risk of a decline decision, but it should ensure that your application does not fail due to a misunderstanding of complex Immigration Instructions or because of a simple error.


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